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Whether you’re traveling for business, summer vacation or on a whim, we all know diet and exercise are usually the first to go, especially when you’re on the go. However, we’re here to challenge you to stick to your routine as much as possible – even up to the airport. We’ve invited our very own Sales Director and Bella Strength Fitness Gym Owner, Karen Harbour to share 5 travel-friendly airport workouts and a bonus healthy recipe fit for the plane!

Follow Karen through these 5 compound movement workouts using a resistance band, that’s easy to pack and use in the airport, hotel room, and more!

1) Terminal Knee Extensions (TKE’s)
Good for knee stabilizers, quads and knee lock-outs

  • Tie band to the armrest of a secure seat.
  • Lift your heel, requiring you to bend your knee and coming on to those toes and make sure to keep your back straight.
  • Extend your leg, planting your heel into the ground.
  • Once you reach your desired number of reps, switch legs and repeat.
  • Recommended amount: 20x per side

2) Banded Boat Bicep Curls
Good for core, biceps and even some legs

  • Start by sitting down and put the band under your feet.
  • Keep a tall/long spine and try to come up onto that sit bone.
  • Lift your legs 90 degrees and keep them straight as you pull your fists up towards your shoulders.
  • Recommended amount: 20x

3) Static Lunge Tricep Extensions
Good for legs, balance, core and triceps

  • Tie band to the armrest of a secured seat.
  • Place one hand at the bottom of the band and one hand at the top of the band.
  • Get into lunge position (having your knees at a 90 degree angle) and hover. If your left hand is on the bottom of the band, bend your left knee.
  • Stay in lunge position and stretch the arm that is at the top of the band.
  • Once you reach your desired number of reps, switch arms and legs and repeat.
  • Recommended amount: 20x per side

4) Static Squat Row
Good for legs, balance, core, back & shoulders

  • Tie band to the armrest of a secured seat.
  • Get into squat position, making sure your back is straight!
  • Start with your arms straight holding the band, making sure the band is taut.
  • Pull your shoulders down (away from ears) and back, then pull towards your torso, bringing those elbows behind you.
  • Recommended amount: 20x

5) Banded Single Arm Seated Thrusters
Good for total body move focusing on explosive power

  • Tie band to the armrest of a secured seat.
  • Start by sitting on the seat and hold the band in your hand.
  • Stand and stretch your arm straight up above your head in an explosive manner.
  • Once you reach your desired number of reps, switch arms and repeat.
  • Recommended amount: 20x per side

Now that you’ve got the workout plan for the airport, don’t forget to prepare a nutritious and quick recipe for the plane ride.

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Want to see more workouts and recipes by Karen? Follow her on Instagram! Let us know your tips to exercise and eat healthy while traveling!

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