Do Wild Planet products contain soy or soy-based ingredients?

None of our products contain soy in any form. Unlike many brands of tuna, Wild Planet tuna does not contain vegetable broth, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins or any other liquids or fillers, which often contain soy. Wild Planet tuna, as well as our salmon and chicken, are packed in their own natural juices, and are available with or without sea salt. A note of possible concern is our Organic Roasted Chicken Breast. The diet of the chickens is supplemented with both soy and corn. For those with extreme allergies it is recommended that an allergist be consulted to determine if that may be an issue.

An exception to the once cooked process is our albacore tuna in olive oil. It is twice cooked like our sardines, yellowtail, mackerel and anchovies. These twice cooked products are packed in organic extra virgin olive oil, or water, none of which contain soy. Our Pink Shrimp (discontinued 2018) is packed with natural citric as well as water and salt.