How are Wild Planet fish caught?

Our tuna are caught individually using pole and line or trolling methods. The pole and line fishing method involves catching tuna one by one, using a pole, line and hook. The troll fishing method involves fishing with a lure on a line that you pull through the water.* These methods ensure that no other marine life is caught or harmed in the process, unlike long-line and FAD (fish aggregating device) purse seine methods which are employed by other tuna companies.

Wild Planet’s pink salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel and yellowtail are “free school” purse seine caught and Wild Planet’s sockeye salmon is “free school” drift and set net caught; no FADs are used to attract the fish with either method.

*Troll fishing should not be confused with trawl fishing, which involves a large, wide mouthed fishing net dragged by a vessel along the bottom or midwater.

For more information, please view our page on sustainability and fishing methods.

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