Why aren’t Wild Planet tuna, sardines and anchovies canned in the U.S.?

It is Wild Planet’s mission not only to produce sustainable seafood, helping our oceans to thrive, but to produce that seafood at a cost which the average family can afford. To accomplish this, we have elected to process our albacore and skipjack tuna, sardines, yellowtail, mackerel and anchovies in state-of-the-art partner facilities in Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Ecuador and occasionally Peru. Each of these canneries is required to meet international sanitation and worker welfare standards, and they are third-party audited to ensure continued compliance. We are pleased to share these photos from our cannery in Vietnam.

Since Wild Planet sources from environmentally exemplary fisheries around the world, our selection of strategically located canning facilities noted above also results in fewer transportation miles. Please read the Wild Planet perspective on this topic here: The Wild Planet Perspective: Wild Planet Overseas Processing Facilities.

When possible we partner with U.S. canneries. Wild Planet Sockeye and Pink Salmon are canned in Alaska, near the fisheries, and Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken Breast is canned in Georgia, near the sustainable family farms where the chickens are raised.