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Wild White Anchovies In Water – 4.4oz

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Our wild white anchovies are not your typical salt-brined, strong-tasting, large anchovies.

Kosher Gluten-free
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Our wild white anchovies are not your typical salt-brined, strong-tasting anchovies. The anchovies are packed fresh upon catch, and look similar to sardines – just smaller. Our anchovies do not go through a brining process, so in each can you will find white anchovies that have a delicate texture and a clean, mild flavor. These nutritional powerhouses are packed in water with a touch of sea salt. Each 3oz serving has 19g of protein, 15% daily value of calcium and an average of 800mg of EPA and DHA Omega‑3s. Our wild white anchovies are an easy and tasty way to eat lower on the food chain.

Ingredients: Anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus), water, sea salt
Fishing method: Single-species purse seine methods that virtually eliminate unintended bycatch. Any incidental bycatch of other species is fully retained and utilized. Nothing is discarded. FADs* are never used.
Harvest Location: Atlantic Ocean, working with well-managed fisheries in Morocco that practice sustainable harvesting of targeted free-swimming schools of anchovies

*Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are man-made objects that attract fish often outside of the targeted species causing unintentional bycatch.

Nutrition Facts

Servings1Serving Size3oz (85g) drained
Calories120Total Fat5g (6% DV)
Saturated Fat1.5g (8% DV)Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol50mg (17% DV)Sodium370mg (16% DV)
Total Carbohydrates0g (0% DV)Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars0g (incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV)Protein19g (38% DV)
Vitamin D2% DVCalcium15% DV
Iron10% DVPotassium5% DV

% DV = % Daily Value

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9 ratings

  • Linda

    New experience for me with anchovies. I never liked them as the only experience was on top of pizza which is way too salty. P.S. that is why I got the ones in water. I drained the water for me to minimize the salt. These little fish are very tasty and work well with pasta dishes. Would definitely buy again.

  • Barbara Joseph

    These are the most delicious canned fish I’ve eaten. I’ve tried mackerel, tuna and sardines and always in water with sea salt. These white anchovies are wonderful because of the delicate taste, meaty texture, & softness, if the the right word to use. I’m done searching. Thank you Wild Planet because you’ve just made me a new customer. As an aside, I can usually find fault with most products but these little beauties get a 10 out of 10 rating in my book! Can’t wait to try these in recipes because this is my review straight from the can.

  • g-munny

    texture and taste is like norweigan bristlings/sprats. really good

  • Leopoldo Kahn

    The Peruvian anchovies are great milder than sardines superb spread on a bagel

  • EH (verified owner)

    Made a recipe for sardine pate using your fabulous white anchovies, and WOW was it good. An added plus — no cooking! Great for potlucks. People who don’t like sardines are so surprised they like this. Put a large shallot and a couple green onions in the Cuisinart with some parsley and buzz until very finely chopped. Add 2 cans drained WP white anchovies in water (or substitute the olive oil for butter) and 1 softened stick (4 oz.) Organic Valley (from grass-fed cows) butter, lemon juice from 1/2 lemon, a blop of Dijon mustard, fresh ground pepper, and puree. Add some chopped parsley for garnish. Can be served at room temperature. So nutritious and lots of healthy fats. If you have leftovers, you can add this to just about anything. It adds a satisfying umami flavor to soups/broths, it’s great in stuffed celery, etc,

  • Kayla

    So good!! I added the anchovies to an open faced pita sandwich with sour cream, dill, fresh basil, spinach leaves and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

  • Monique

    Very mild and great in a salad. esp. if you add a little olive oil, lemon and perhaps a light touch of a mild mint or dill. Not fond of strong fish and the White Anchovies work for me. The serving is fine for one or two people. Could be added to pasta for protein with capons and some graded cheese, a fruity olive oil and a few roasted tomatoes etc. The pickle relish from the above sounds great with the White Anhovies. Will be keeping them in stock.

  • M. B.

    My husband bought these by accident. Great discovery. Taste is mild, very high in protein.
    I just treated as I would for a tuna salad, a little vinaigrette and a little pickle relish. Serve with crackers or on bread.

  • David Batker (verified owner)

    I think these are absolutely excellent! I had not tried anchovies like this, I like sardines. I think the Peruvian anchovies are probably far more sustainable than most sardines. They probably have far fewer industrial contaminants than fish from the North Sea or Atlantic in general.

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