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From our delicious wild seafood to our sustainable fishing practices, Wild Planet Foods is getting a lot of positive press.



Grocery Store Canned Tuna Ranked Worst to Best

“All canned tunas are created equal, right? Not exactly. In fact, it's amazing how much of a variety you can find on the market, even between tunas with comparable ingredients!”

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The Spruce Eats


Wild Planet Tops List of Best Canned Tuna in 2022

“One of the most popular types of seafood in the United States, canned tuna comes in many styles and price points and provides quick meals. It can be bewildering, however, for consumers trying to make smart choices.”

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23 Healthy Snacks That Can Help Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

“Sometimes you need more of a small meal than a light snack, and this Wild Planet Wild Tuna White Bean Salad ($20 for a pack of four) is perfect for those moments.”

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The Spruce Eats


Wild Planet Sockeye Salmon Rated Best Canned Salmon

“We've compiled this guide by taste-testing at home to help you decipher canned salmon labels and select the best salmon for your needs. Grab your grocery list and plan to add a few cans to your pantry on your next shopping trip.”

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Good Housekeeping


Wild Planet Bean and Corn Salad named in 2021 Sustainable Innovation Awards

“For our third annual Sustainable Innovation Awards, GH’s scientists and industry experts evaluated nearly 200 contenders to choose winning home, beauty, apparel, toy and food brands whose efforts we applaud.”

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MSN Health


The #1 Best Canned Tuna to Buy, Says Dietitian

“Shapiro also specified that consumers should look for "no added salt" on their canned tuna labels. In terms of her favorite, go-to brand? She was torn. Both Tonnino and Wild Planet made her top two.”

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How Wild Planet Foods Is Creating Sea Change In The Fishing Industry

“McKinleyville, California’s seafood industry veteran Bill Carvalho co-founded Wild Planet Foods in 2005, after years of exasperation with the unsustainable practices he witnessed — and sometimes reluctantly practiced — in his industry.”

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Yahoo! Life


I'm a Dietitian and I Swear By These No-Cook, High-Protein Salad Kits for Easy Lunches

“I'm not shy about the fact that I love canned tuna. It is a pantry staple that you will always find in my kitchen. It is super nutritious and helps me eat more seafood within my budget. My preferred brand is Wild Planet because they are devoted to sustainable fishing practices. That's why I was so excited when I heard they launched a line of ready-to-eat salads featuring their delicious tuna.”

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Men’s Health


Skipjack Tuna named one of 100 Healthiest Foods You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

“BEST TUNA: Wild Planet Skipjack Wild Tuna. Because the company doesn’t drain the fish after cooking, this tuna retains decent omega-3’s. Per 3 oz: 90 calories, 20g protein, 0g carbs, 1g fat.”

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Wild Planet Salmon and Tuna Packets to up your WFH Snack Game

“One major benefit of working from home is that no co-worker has the ability to smell what you’re eating — so, you know, you can get fishy with it. Finkel says these salmon pouches (or tuna pouches) are great for that midday slump: The salmon boasts 20 grams of protein per pouch, and it pairs wonderfully with crackers or veggies.“

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