A group of Tuna under the deep blue sea

We are the original sustainable seafood company

The future of our oceans is at stake, which is why since 2004, we’ve been using our canned products, our practices and most importantly, our passion, to inspire lasting change.
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Setting a higher standard

Sustainability is our true north, guiding every action we take and decision we make to protect our oceans for future generations.

Snap Shot of Fishermen doing Line-Caught
Snap Shot of Fishermen doing Line-Caught

Selective Harvesting

From our 100% pole & line caught tuna to only targeting select species, our process is built around one heartfelt intention—to stop wasteful fishing practices. We must take steps to eliminate bycatch (species unintentionally caught in the process of fishing a targeted catch and the subsequent killing and discarding of non-targeted marine life) and utilize methods that protect juvenile fish so they can grow and reproduce. Sustainability begins and ends with selectivity, diligence and care.

Sardines, Egg & Avocado Toast
Sardines, Egg & Avocado Toast

Eating lower on the food chain

Our oceans embody a myriad of amazing species. As the original sustainable seafood company, we hope to positively impact wild fisheries by educating consumers about the importance of eating lower on the food chain. Species like sardines, mackerel and anchovies are simply more abundant. When you choose to eat smaller and more plentiful fish, you reinvigorate our oceans by consuming what they naturally supply. Along with tuna, be sure to add in these surprising superfoods to your diet for a healthy dose of EPA and DHA Omega‑3s, proteins and amino acids.

A smiling fisherman holding a catch
A smiling fisherman holding a catch

We choose to source responsibly

Let’s not forget what’s on the line. The future of our oceans is greatly affected by how we’re fishing. That’s why we only partner with small-scale fisheries and community fishermen who share our mission—protecting our planet’s most beautiful resource. Eco-friendly fishing practices aren’t the least expensive, the easiest or the most efficient. Yet, they are the most sustainable and bring the most economic benefit to coastal communities around the world.

Young boy sitting on the floor watching fish in Monterey Bay Aquarium
Young boy sitting on the floor watching fish in Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch® program

Established by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this program ranks seafood based on sustainability standards, which guides our choices for sourcing our products. GREEN signals that a certain species is the most sustainable choice. YELLOW indicates a fish is a good alternative, while RED is a species to avoid. The majority of our products are rated GREEN, while a few may rank YELLOW where GREEN options aren’t available. We never source species with a RED listing. With guidance, you can make responsible seafood choices to align with your desire to shop sustainably. Learn more about the Monterey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch® program.


Biodiversity: Where land and ocean meet

Our adoration for the planet runs deep. To protect our oceans, we must think beyond them. When land-based animals, such as chickens, are raised and harvested organically, these practices positively impact the health of our oceans too. For our land-based products, we only work with organic partners who avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers that could enter our waterways and ultimately damage our oceans. We consider organic agriculture to be the land-based equivalent of sustainable fishing.