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Compare Canned Seafood

Looking for facts to help you compare canned seafood options for your family? There are a lot of reasons more people every day are turning to Wild Planet:
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Delicious and pure
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Low in mercury
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Pristine product
(no additives)
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We set sustainability standards

Taste the good in every bite

Unparalleled flavor comes from the purity and simplicity of our ingredients. Each WIld Planet product is wholesome, nutritious and embodies our love for the planet.

Compare Canned Tuna

Compare Canned Tuna

1 Albacore Wild Tuna and 1 Skipjack Wild Tuna

Wild Planet

1 Albacore Wild Tuna and 1 Skipjack Wild Tuna

Conventional Brands


100% Pure tuna

Only 65-70% tuna (the remainder being water or oil)


Only uses pole & line caught, smaller, migratory tuna that are naturally lower in mercury

Higher than Wild Planet

fishing methods

100% sustainably pole & line caught with no bycatch mortality discard

FAD purse seine & long line methods which catch more than the intended species

canning methods

Hand-cut & hand-packed tuna steaks

Machine packed tuna pieces


Firm “steak-in-a-can” texture

Loose pieces saturated in water

cook method

Once-cooked in the can

Twice-cooked (baked before canning and then boiled in the can)

protein levels

21g (per 3 oz serving)

12-19g (per 3 oz serving)


100% Omega-3s retention

Some Omega-3 oils and flavors absent

Our mercury levels are 6x - 14x lower than the FDA threshold.

Person on a cliff overlooking the sea and sunset


Current large-scale, commercial fishing practices are not sustainable and will deplete wild fisheries for future generations.

That’s not the legacy we want to leave behind. Our oceans and our lands are at their healthiest and most balanced when they can remain wild, which is what inspired our name—Wild Planet. We’re all in to make a difference, and we’d love for you to join us.

5 stars
“Once you try Wild Planet, you’ll never think twice about purchasing any other brand of tuna or canned fish. So far I’ve tried the albacore and skipjack, not big on sardines but will be purchasing just to try. Hands down the best tasting tuna.”

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