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Bowl of pasta salad made with Wild Planet albacore tuna

Ready-to-Eat Tuna Salad Bowls

  • Completely ready-to-eat no preparation needed
  • 100% sustainably pole & line caught skipjack tuna blended with organic vegetables, pasta and legumes
  • 100% recyclable packaging
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Sustainability never tasted so good.

We’ve put together a collection of recipes that will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen, savor every dish you make and relish in the positive impact you’re making every time you buy a Wild Planet product.

5 stars
“Best tuna I’ve EVER eaten & I am a chef! Truly amazing flavor. I don’t eat meat any longer, but this tuna is like eating a steak.”
5 stars
“I just tried your tuna for the first time this past week, and all I can say is, “Well done!” The quality is incomparable! The taste is sheer perfection! You have a customer for life!”
5 stars
“Once you try Wild Planet, you’ll never think twice about purchasing any other brand of tuna or canned fish. So far I’ve tried the albacore and skipjack, not big on sardines but will be purchasing just to try. Hands down to the best tasting tuna.”
5 stars
“This is by far the best tuna we have ever had in a can! And to think that we are also helping the environment just makes it all that much better! We are so thankful that we found a company that is responsible and doing their part to help provide good healthy food for all. Thank you!”
5 stars
“This brand is perfect! Thank you for your sustainable practices and delicious fish.”
5 stars
“Thank you for giving shoppers a sustainable option and for these tasty, nutritious products!”
5 stars
“I care a lot about ocean sustainability and their sustainable harvest policy is my selling point. But I agree with everyone else here that the quality of the product is superb. And the fact that they offer no-salt versions puts Wild Planet over the top for me.”

Taste the good in every bite

Unparalleled flavor comes from the purity and simplicity of our ingredients. Our products not only taste delicious, but also are incredibly rich in protein to help you maintain a healthy body. As building blocks for bones, muscles, skin and blood, the protein you eat and where it comes from matters.

On average, our tuna has 23% more protein than other canned brands. Because we only pack 100% tuna and sea salt in our cans and do not add water, we provide more fish in every can, naturally leading to more protein.

Compare Canned Tuna

Compare Canned Tuna

Cans of Wild Planet Skipjack Wild Tuna andAlbacore Wild Tuna

Wild Planet

Cans of Wild Planet Skipjack Wild Tuna andAlbacore Wild Tuna

Conventional Brands


100% Pure tuna

Only 65-70% tuna (the remainder being water or oil)


Only uses pole & line caught, smaller, migratory tuna that are naturally lower in mercury

Higher than Wild Planet

fishing methods

100% sustainably pole & line caught with no bycatch mortality discard

FAD purse seine & long line methods which catch more than the intended species

canning methods

Hand-cut & hand-packed tuna steaks

Machine packed tuna pieces


Firm “steak-in-a-can” texture

Loose pieces saturated in water

cook method

Once-cooked in the can

Twice-cooked (baked before canning and then boiled in the can)

protein levels

21g (per 3 oz serving)

21g (per 3 oz serving)


100% Omega- retention

Some Omega 3 oils & flavors absent

Our mercury levels are 6x - 14x lower than the FDA threshold.

Beautiful orange and gold sunset over the sea with a person standing on a cliff in the distance


Current large-scale, commercial fishing practices are not sustainable and will deplete wild fisheries for future generations.

That’s not the legacy we want to leave behind. Our oceans and our lands are at their healthiest and most balanced when they can remain wild, which is what inspired our name—Wild Planet. We’re all in to make a difference, and we’d love for you to join us.

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your decisions matter

You can help shape the future of our oceans.

Amazing and abundant species fill our waters. When you shop, consider choosing responsibly-sourced products as well as varieties of fish that are lower on the food chain.

Close up of Albacore tuna fish swimming in water

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