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We are the
original sustainable
seafood company

The future of our oceans is at stake, which is why since 2004, we’ve been using our canned products, our practices and most importantly, our passion, to inspire lasting change.

Yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata)


Setting a higher standard

Sustainability is our true north, guiding every action we take and decision we make to protect our oceans for future generations.


We source tuna using 100% pole & line methods

Learn how the tuna sourced for Wild Planet by the use of sustainable fishing methods minimizes the bycatch of millions of pristine sea creatures.


Not all fishing methods are created equal

Learn more about the right and wrong ways to fish our oceans.

girl feeding sandwich to man

From source to shelf

At Wild Planet, we are deeply involved in our fish selection process from the dock to the shelf. We know the fishermen, boats and boat owners and our engagement continues when the boats are delivering the catch to the docks. Through our partnership with Trace Register, we are able to track each boatload of fish from the moment they reach the dock until they are delivered to your local store.


Where land and ocean meet

Our adoration for the planet runs deep. To protect our oceans, we must think beyond them. When land-based animals, such as chickens, are raised and harvested organically, these practices positively impact the health of our oceans too. For our land-based products, we only work with organic partners who avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers that could enter our waterways and ultimately damage our oceans. We consider organic agriculture to be the land-based equivalent of sustainable fishing.

Sustainable chicken farm

Partners in protecting our planet

We’re not the only ones with a reverence for ocean life. The small-scale fishermen we partner with have a deep respect for the fish they catch and the oceans that support them and their local communities. Our partners practice rigorous selective harvesting methods in their own domestic waters, helping to safeguard our oceans for many generations to come.

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Meet two of our partners.

Preserving oceans. Nourishing people.

Caring for our planet goes beyond working to reinvigorate the oceans. It also means producing wholesome products for you and your family to enjoy. The nutritional value inside every can is exceptional and worth discovering.

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