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Tuna Bánh Mì

Recipe by @melshealthybowl, Melanie L, Certified Health Coach

For this recipe, I used one of my favorite canned tunas, Wild Planet Albacore or Wild Planet Skipjack. All of Wild Planet tuna is 100% sustainable, which means they are heart-healthy and great for our oceans. Their methods are pole & line, troll or hand-line caught, nets are never used. Each fish is carefully hand-cut, then packed and cooked just once to ensure a firm texture, clean taste, and high nutrient content.

Image of Tuna Bánh Mì


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  • 2 (5oz) cans Skipjack Wild Tuna

  • –OR–

  • 2 (5oz) cans Albacore Wild Tuna

  • 2 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce

  • Onion and garlic powder

  • 4-5 (6 in) baguettes

  • 4-5 Tbsp vegan mayo

  • 4-5 Cucumber long slices

  • Pickled carrots and daikon 

  • Jalapeño slices 

  • Cilantro 


  1. Drain the tuna completely.

  2. In a hot skillet, spray cooking oil, add the tuna and break it apart.

  3. Mix and cook for another 2-3 minutes, then set aside.

  4. Cook for about 2 minutes, add the soy sauce, and season with onion and garlic powder.

  5. Cut each (6 in) baguette in half the long way (do not completely cut through the baguettes; we want the bread to open like a clamshell and stuffed). 

  6. Toast the baguettes under the broiler for about 2-3 minutes.

  7. Assemble the Bánh Mì by spreading 1 Tbsp of vegan mayo inside each baguette, add the cucumber slices, pickled carrots & daikon.

  8. Generously divide the tuna mixture to all 4-5 baguettes, add jalapeño slices, and garnish with cilantro.

  9. Wrap them individually with parchment paper, and ENJOY!

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