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Albacore Wild Tuna Single-Serve Pouch – 3oz

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Our single-serve pouch features a hand-cut and hand-packed albacore tuna fillet cooked just once to retain all of its natural juices, Omega-3 oils and firm texture.

Kosher Gluten-free
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Our single-serve pouch features a hand-cut and hand-packed albacore tuna fillet cooked just once to retain all of its natural juices, Omega‑3 oils and firm texture. Seasoned with a touch of sea salt and no added water or oil, this convenient option allows you to experience premium tuna with a delicious, clean taste for on-the-go eating. Each 3oz serving contains 21g of protein and an average of 1,100mg EPA and DHA Omega‑3s.

Ingredients: Albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) and sea salt
Fishing method: 100% pole & line or troll caught methods that only catch smaller migratory tuna lower in mercury. Nets are never used to catch our tuna.
Harvest Location: North Pacific Ocean, working with fleets in the United States and Japan; South Pacific Ocean, working with smaller fleet in New Zealand

Nutrition Facts

Servings1Serving Size3oz (85g)
Calories120Total Fat4g (6% DV)
Saturated Fat1g (5% DV)Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol25mg (8% DV)Sodium230mg (10% DV)
Total Carbohydrates0g (0% DV)Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars0g (incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV)Protein21g (42% DV)
Vitamin DCalcium0% DV
Iron4% DVPotassium

% DV = % Daily Value

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7 ratings

  • Kiley McKenzie

    Got a free sample of this.
    Was a little hesitate trying something out the mail, but it still tasted great! Such great quality and ingredients! Will definitely buy. Perfect size for lunch

  • jessics goodman

    I only buy wild planet tuna! I was wondering how long a pouch of unopened albacore lasts. There is no sell or use by date on the pouch.thank you! JG

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jessica,
      The best by dates on our pouches are printed on the back of the pouch, either across the top in the colorful line, or down the side in the darker blue area. If you are still having difficulty finding it, please reach out at either or 800-998-9946.
      Thank you.

  • Andy

    This is my favorite store-bought tuna. I like how I don’t have drain it and stink up my sink with fish-water. The fish has a nice, mild taste and flaky texture. The single-serve pouches are about he right size for easy meal prep.

    For a quick, filling meal, I throw this tuna in a bowl of brown rice with avocado. No mayo or hot sauce needed, just salt and pepper.

  • S

    Great taste! My mom & I were both really impressed that tuna in a pouch could stay so fresh! Good-sized portion for a single serving.

  • Julie

    I love the flavor of this product. Nothing else compares to it. I buy the 3 oz. pouch at Natural Grocers store.

  • LL

    Very noticeable from typical canned tuna and from other pouch brands. No draining just pour into bowl and mix with whatever fixings (for me simple olive oil and spices) and there’s your healthy lunch full of protein!
    It does run more expensive then the others but it makes sense it is higher quality after all. Ill keep an eye out for sales and coupons so I can stock up. :). Thanks Wild Planet!

  • deborahb_04

    This was the best tuna I have ever eaten! No tinny taste like what you get from tuna in a can. Comes in a fillet that was moist and tender. I will always choose Wild Planet in the future!

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