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2018 Resolutions with Devon Kennard

Happy 2018! We’re starting the New Year off the right way – with a fresh set of resolutions. We believe in making resolutions that will not only flourish your body, but also help you live your best life. If you find it a bit of a struggle to reflect and set realistic goals for the year ahead, you’re in luck! We’ve enlisted New York Giants Linebacker, Devon Kennard, to give insight on his resolutions and how to reach them!

What are your 2018 New Year Resolutions?
In 2018, my goal is to bring energy and enthusiasm to everything I do. 2017 was a tough year for my teammates and me at the Giants organization, but through our challenges, I was able to learn how important it is to be consistent with your attitude regardless of your circumstances. This year, regardless of what I face, no matter what is going on in my life, I want to be a source of energy and enthusiasm for myself and those around me! I’m striving to stay consistent and disciplined to all of my commitments for the entire year. One of those commitments is to stay healthy and make healthy food choices. I noticed during the 2017 season that I felt my best when I was eating a healthy diet of seafood, lean meats, vegetables and whole grains. On the days when I’d cheat on my diet, I found that my body didn’t feel as energized or productive. This year, I’m hoping to maintain a clean diet every single day so I can see the difference it will have on my body. Big thanks to Wild Planet Foods for helping to make choosing healthy options so much easier with great quality seafood on the go!
How do you usually make your New Year Resolutions? When do you start thinking about making them?
The day after Christmas I like to take some time to myself and set my goals going into the New Year. I reflect on the previous year and think about the things that I would like to improve physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
Do you have any tips for others to set realistic and achievable New Year Resolutions?
The best tip I’ve ever heard when it comes to setting goals is the idea of setting “stretch goals.” These are goals that are attainable, but that requires you to go beyond your comfort zone. When you stay within your comfort zone you will never grow and become all you are meant to be. Once you set stretch goals for yourself, it’s important that you consider what it will take to achieve your goals. From there, you’ll need to decide whether or not you are willing to make that level of commitment. Often times, people set goals and never establish a plan to achieve it. Or, if a plan is in place, they do not properly assess whether or not the plan is a commitment they are willing to stick to in order to reach the goal. I’ve found that following these steps, makes all the difference in actually reaching your goals.
What are some tips and tricks to achieve your new year resolutions?
When it comes to my first goal of bringing energy and enthusiasm to everything I do, I plan to take time every morning to reflect on what I am grateful for that day. I believe this will put me in a mindset of gratitude and will allow me to be consistent day in and day out. On the hard days, when things aren’t going as well, I plan to spend extra time thinking about the things I am grateful for. As far as being consistent with my commitments, I plan to take the time to assess if I can actually make and stick to the goals that I have set for myself. Once I do commit to something, I will keep my word no matter what. I think the simple practice of thinking through every commitment will allow me to only commit to things that I TRULY believe in and I'll be able to focus solely on those things. Now that I know a healthy eating lifestyle is one of those commitments that is something that will be on my mind every single day and I will make decisions that encourage me to make good food choices. One way that I already do this, is by keeping a pouch of Wild Planet’s Tuna or a can of salmon in my gym bag. This helps me stay disciplined and keep my healthy eating commitment so that, instead of turning to fast food when I'm hungry and pressed for time, I'll have sustainable seafood ready to eat!
How do you manage your time to complete these resolutions?
Making the time to achieve my resolutions isn’t much of a problem because I only set goals that I am passionate about and only set out to achieve goals that truly matter to me. Also, because I don’t have a long list of goals to accomplish, making time for them is actually pretty easy. What are some of your New Year Resolutions? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below!
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