Healthy Source of Premium-Protein

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s diet whether you’re six or sixty. It helps burn fat if you’re dieting and bolsters the immune system by building infection-fighting white blood cells, especially important for young children and the elderly. Proteins act as building blocks for bones, muscles, skin and blood. But not all protein is created equal, and where your protein comes from is as important as how much you are taking in.

Every can of Wild Planet sustainably sourced seafood is packed with tasty, nutritious, protein-rich fish. In fact, one can of Wild Planet Albacore Tuna has 32 grams of protein as compared to 26 grams found in conventional water- or oil-packed tuna. Our anchovies and sardines are tiny powerhouses of natural proteins and other nutrients. Our skinless and boneless salmon are not only delicious, but high in Omega 3. And don’t forget our Yellow Tail and Mackerel. What? You haven’t added these nutritional wonders to your diet? It’s high time you did!

What does all this nutritive goodness mean for you and your family?
For the athlete on the go or the busy mom making school lunches, all of our products feature only the highest-quality protein. We believe in purity of ingredients, which is why our
fish contains simply that – fish and a touch of sea salt. Pure. Natural. Nutritious. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about many of the other brands on store shelves today, whose cans contain hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and pyrophosphates. All the more reason to put Wild Planet on your shopping list each week.

Dean Karnazes
Fuels his body with nutrient-dense Wild Planet sockeye salmon to boost endurance, aid performance and speed recovery.