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Sardines: Out of the Pantry, Onto the Plate (Bonus: Free Digital Cookbook!)

Did you know that November 24th is National Sardine Day? With that in mind, we thought today would be a perfect day to announce the launch of our very first digital cookbook, 50 Ways to Eat a Sardine.

In this downloadable book we provide a number of quick, simple and healthy ways to enjoy these awesome little fish. With 50 versatile recipes, there’s a sardine recipe that’s sure to satisfy every person’s taste buds. You’ll see how easy it is to incorporate these sustainable, delicious, nutrient-loaded fish into a healthy eating plan. We invite you to download the e-book grab a can of Wild Planet sardines and get started!

Frequently relegated to the back of the pantry by accident (or maybe on purpose), sardines often do not get a fair shake when it comes to being considered for quick, easy and healthy meal solutions. Perhaps that is largely due to the fact that outside of the classic sardines-and–mustard-on-a-saltine preparation that many of us remember from our youth, it’s likely that people just do not know what to do with these amazing little fish once the can is opened. Here at Wild Planet, we are huge fans of Sardinops sagax, or the Pacific Sardine. Everyone has a favorite way to eat these delicious fish, and we love to share our ideas with each other. We decided that a cookbook was in order so we could showcase our go-to favorites and provide consumers with a multitude of simple recipes so everyone can easily build the amazing sardine into a healthy eating plan.

But what if you’ve NEVER had a sardine?

We meet people all the time who have never tried a sardine. Whether we are sampling Wild Planet products at a food festival, a supermarket demonstration or a similar event, we LOVE to introduce people to their first taste of a delicious Wild Planet sardine.

With our good-natured encouragement, some peer pressure from their companions and the offer of a free “I Tried My First Sardine” button after the taste test, we anxiously watch many doubtful consumers step up to the plate (literally) and try a small piece of sardine on a whole grain cracker with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. And ninety-nine times out of one hundred (really!) the verdict is... “Wow! That is not what I expected! It’s really good!”

So as we award the free button and add yet another happy convert to the growing ranks of sardine fans, we are thrilled to keep this momentum going by providing new ways for people to enjoy sardines beyond our simple taste-test preparation.

Within our cookbook you’ll find recipes that are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as some healthy snack ideas. For example, swap out the smoked salmon you normally drape over a bagel with cream cheese replace with a Sardine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a similar smoky, briny flavor (and a good shot of Omega 3, to boot). Or, for a super quick and filling lunch, spread a wrap or lavash with hummus, top with some Greek salad and a couple of our Sardines in Water. Roll it up and enjoy a healthy, filling lunch anywhere! And yes, we even have two pages dedicated to sushi, easily made at home with sardines and just a few common ingredients.

So, in the spirit of National Sardine Day, we invite both the sardine-lover and the sardine–apprehensive to download our terrific new cookbook, open a can of sardines and give them a try with one of our recipes. Let us know which recipe you made and how it turned out! View the cookbook

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