Three Ways to Meal Prep Using Wild Planet Wild Tuna

Anyone with a busy schedule knows dedicating time to weekly meal prep is really a game-changer. Taylor Dadds of One Balanced Life shares three favorite ways to incorporate Wild Planet Tuna into your weekly routine. Read on for healthy and satisfying meal suggestions that can be made in advance.

Meal prep has been a staple for me. I find that it saves a tremendous amount of time during the week and takes the stress away from having something ready to eat every day. I find that having healthy and delicious items prepped and ready enables you to make healthier choices throughout the week. Setting yourself up by preparing meals only means for success down the road. The best thing about tuna is that you can make it the way you like it and store it in the fridge for three to four days to snack on! Not only is it delicious and versatile, but it’s satisfying and won’t have you reaching for something else in an hour or so.

Wild Planet Wild Tuna is my favorite because it’s caught one at a time by pole and line and trolling. Practicing these methods means that the fish are lower in mercury than other brands on the market. I personally love to include tuna in my diet because it’s a great source of protein and omega-3s. These are three ways I like to use my meal prep tuna throughout the week:

  1. On salads
  2. On sweet potato toast
  3. In a sandwich

    On salads

    The possibilities are endless! Sometimes I will keep it really simple with some arugula, veggies, tuna salad, and a little dressing. Or I’ll dress it up and add roasted sweet potatoes or any other roasted veggies I have on hand. Creating a bowl like this allows for a hearty meal that will keep you feeling full and satisfied all day.

    On sweet potato toast

    This is one of my favorite ways to top my prepared tuna! Sweet potato toast is a great alternative to toast and a perfect option if you’re gluten free or Whole30. You can even meal prep sweet potato toast to have on hand when the craving hits. I like to cut the toast into pieces and roast them at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes or so (depending on the thickness of the toast). You can get creative with these and put avocado on the sweet potato and then top it with tuna or even hummus and greens! You’ll love how satisfying this meal truly is.

    In a sandwich

    Is there anything better than a delicious sandwich? Not that I know of! This is a quick option to prepare and take to work or school. I like to toast whole wheat bread, spread some avocado and hummus on it, add some spinach and then top with the prepared tuna. You can even get crazy and add some cheese on top, heat it up so it’s melty and you’ll be thanking me later ;) I hope that this inspires you to not only make meal prepping a routine in your life, but also incorporating Wild Planet Foods into your weekly meals with some of these ideas listed above. Not only are they delicious but they will make you feel great!

    Now that you're motivated to meal prep for the week, which route will you take first? Let us know in the comments below!

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