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Nutrition you and your family can count on.

Great nutrition starts with high-quality ingredients. The abundant care that our fishermen use when catching wild seafood helps to keep Wild Planet products as pristine and wholesome as possible when taken from the ocean. Additionally, through our minimal processing techniques, our products maintain the purity nature intended so that we may provide you and your family with nutritional superfoods you can trust.

Unparalleled protein

Our superfoods.
A superb source of protein.

Our products not only taste delicious, but also they’re incredibly rich in protein to help you maintain a healthy body. As building blocks for bones, muscles, skin and blood, the protein you eat and where it comes from matters.

On average, our tuna has 23% more protein than other canned brands. Because we only pack 100% tuna and sea salt in our cans and do not add water, we provide more fish in each can, naturally leading to more protein.


of protein in Wild Planet

Compared to


found in conventional water or oil packed tuna


Why EPA and DHA Omega-3s?

Fatty acids are a key component to cellular health. Not only do EPA and DHA Omega‑3s reduce inflammation in the body, but also they improve overall blood flow. Adding Wild Planet seafood into your diet may help lead to optimal heart and brain health. Learn more about EPA and DHA Omega‑3s and their powerful benefits in our FAQs.

sardines on toast

Additional Nutrition Facts

Fish Mercury Levels
Mercury levels

100% pole & line tuna has lower levels of mercury

The older the fish, the higher the mercury content. Through our 100% pole & line harvesting methods, we catch migratory tuna that are grown, though still younger, and that yield 6x lower mercury levels than the FDA Action Limit. Learn more on our FAQs page.

Healthy Salad

Vitamin D, potassium, iron + more

Rich in vitamins and minerals, our entire line of quality wild seafood is nutrient dense to help keep your body healthy. Review nutrition in more detail here.

Sustainably raised chickens

Land products raised the sustainable way

We only work with organic chicken farmers who raise free-range chickens on a 100% USDA-certified vegetarian diet, consisting of soy and non-GMO corn grown on land that is free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Young Girl enjoying her meal
Dietary Attributes

Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Kosher

Our products never contain genetically modified organisms. Most are free of gluten and meet the standards for kosher certification.

Cultivating a culture of sustainability

We go to work every day to ensure our practices and our products are helping to keep our oceans wild and our planet protected for future generations.



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