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Albacore Wild Tuna – 5oz

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Our albacore tuna steaks are hand-cut, hand-packed and cooked directly in the can just once to retain their natural juices, Omega-3 oils and a firm texture.

Kosher Gluten-free
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Our albacore tuna steaks are hand-cut, hand-packed and cooked directly in the can just once to retain their natural juices, Omega‑3 oils and a firm texture. Each can contains only tuna steak seasoned with a touch of sea salt and no added water or oil so there is nothing to drain. The natural juices enhance the flavor allowing you to experience the delicious, clean taste of pristine tuna. Each 3oz serving has 21g of protein and an average of 705mg EPA and DHA Omega‑3s.

Ingredients: Albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) and sea salt
Fishing method: 100% pole & line or troll caught methods that only catch smaller migratory tuna lower in mercury. Nets are never used to catch our tuna.
Harvest Location: North Pacific Ocean, working with fleets in the United States and Japan; South Pacific Ocean, working with smaller fleet in New Zealand

Nutrition Facts

Servings1.5Serving Size3oz (85g)
Calories100Total Fat2.5g (3% DV)
Saturated Fat1g (5% DV)Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol20mg (7% DV)Sodium200mg (9% DV)
Total Carbohydrates0g (0% DV)Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars0g (incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV)Protein21g (42% DV)
Vitamin D30% DVCalcium0% DV
Iron4% DVPotassium6% DV

% DV = % Daily Value

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77 ratings

  • Ralph

    Great tasting tuna. I only wish it came in 3oz cans. I eat tuna once a week, so keeping the leftover till the following week is not the same as right out of the can. 21g of protein is just about right. I have to watch my protein intake because of kidneys.

  • Paula Briggs (verified owner)

    The tuna is absolutely delicious

  • Douglas Burroughs (verified owner)

    Excellent tuna, and nice to know it’s being caught responsibly.

  • Shirley Hague

    I’ve been buying your wild caught Tuna & Salmon for yrs:it’s top quality not to be found anywhere else. I stopped during the Pandemic my family & I have really missed it. Can’t wait for the arrival of my order. Thanks. Shirley Hague

  • SabrinaS

    This tuna tastes so good! I received it as a #freesample from Sir Kensington’s and absolutely love how flavorful it is. I tossed it with the classic mayo and jalapenos in a spicy salad I devoured. So good!

  • Sabrina

    Great flavor

  • Barbara

    Mild taste, solid tuna that’s easy to blend with your choice of dressing. The best brand ever, no.
    Fish smell . I buy my cans at Costco 4 in a package. Try it you won’t be disappointed. Thanks

  • cindyr

    just tried the wild planet albacore and WOW- what great flavor- light and flaky, great taste. I just loved it. I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own.

  • Mick

    I just ate my first can of albacore and it was fantastic! I’ve found my new tuna source. Wow

  • Jeri Watson

    Thank you for all the information. I am so impressed by all the details and definitely more educated in buying salmon and tuna. Can’t wait to try.

  • Tony

    Definitely best quality tuna I’ve ever eaten

  • Kimberly Silvidi

    Quality and taste!
    No by products and a responsible company. No other tuna like it!

  • Vicky

    I have a question. Why does this tuna cost half as much on Amazon. Is it an old or inferior product?

    • Customer Service (verified owner)

      Dear Vicky,
      Product shipped from Amazon as well as will both be of comparable quality and age. While pricing at has remained fixed for many years, the prices on Amazon will fluctuate up and down based on product availability and demand. Wild Planet Foods does not control retail pricing at grocery stores or online retailers. Instead, we sell our products to the retailers, and each retailer sets the pricing as they see fit. Please contact our customer care team if you have any additional questions we can answer for you.
      Jon Boyer

  • Steve

    When will the cans be BPA free?

    • Customer Service (verified owner)

      Hello Steve,
      With the exception of our Pink Shrimp (discontinued 2018) all of Wild Planet’s products are packed in cans that do not have the intentional addition of BPA.
      Thank you.

  • Autumn Dawson

    This is by far the best canned tuna I’ve ever had! As soon as I opened up the can I realized the canned tuna I’ve been buying my whole life is trash. Huge chunks of colorful, juicy tuna. The taste is amazing. This is the only tuna my family eats now.

  • Vera

    Hands Down the BEST Tuna! I decided to try Wild Planet Tuna many years ago to see if it was worth the extra price – and boy, it sure is. The flavor outshines any other kind of tuna, especially the common brands like Bumble Bee, Starkist and Chicken of the Sea. There is no comparison and because the tuna is in it’s natural juices, you are getting your Omega3 fats that are so good for you.

  • Mary Fowler

    Best tasting and looking tuna ever!! I never knew tuna could be so good.
    Picked it up at Costco and going back for more.

  • Tom Moschetto

    excellent product, very tasty, it’s the only canned tuna we buy.

  • Leon

    Why is it processed in vietnam?

    • Customer Service

      It is Wild Planet’s mission not only to produce sustainable seafood, helping our oceans to thrive, but to produce that seafood at a cost which the average family can afford. To accomplish this, we have elected to process our albacore and skipjack tuna, sardines, yellowtail, mackerel and anchovies in state-of-the-art partner facilities in Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Ecuador and occasionally Peru. Each of these canneries is required to meet international sanitation and worker welfare standards, and they are third-party audited to ensure continued compliance.

  • Randy

    This and the Tonnino brand is the way to go. I would skip the cans and do only bottles. Taste better and stays better in a bottle

  • Natasha L.

    This brand is absolutely amazing!! This is the best tasting tuna I’ve ever had and now I’m hooked. I will only buy this brand of tuna from here on out!!

  • Medicaltipes

    It s a challenge anymore to find healthy fish. I don t eat a lot of it due to pollution issues but tuna is a nice option for quick meals. I especially like the Wild Planet brand. No additives. The low mercury option is a big draw. Tasty, convenient and healthier than most other brands. This had been cheaper but now is about the same price as my grocery store. But with Swanson s low shipping price I like to order it and support them.

  • Dorothea A Glover Baldwin

    I love this tuna. It has a fresher taste, tastes great and I love to make tuna salad sandwiches with it. Very tasty and definitely top of the line tuna.

  • Steven K.

    Amazing!!!!!! I will buy this tuna the rest of my life… grab a can, easily open it with pull tab, grab a fork and start eating!!! I’m so excited! So now when I’m the job site it’s not always McDonalds. I can now eat this tuna.. I dont care if it’s more money.. Thank you!

  • Johnny

    There’s no going back now. Once you’ve tried Wild Planet Tuna the others don’t do anymore.
    I’ve never tried SkipJack Tuna before this and now it’s among my favorite Tuna. I don’t drain the Tuna as I like to drink it and then use the rest for my Sandwich.

  • Patricia gonzalez

    I was looking for a canned tuna for my dog. I saw wild planet albacore no salt added awesome it’s good for her and I love it too. I’ve bought the skipjack too. Soo much better taste than what I grew up with love it! I use it sandwiches and macaroni salad

  • Jason

    My wife bought Wild Planet Tuna one day from Costco for lent and we immediately fell in love with it, no other brand can compare. It’s a little pricey but it’s worth it, this is the only Tuna we’ve used since.

  • Steve

    Best tuna I’ve EVER eaten & I am a chef! Truly amazing flavor. I don’t eat meat any longer, but this tuna is like eating a steak.

  • TP

    Just had my first can of Wild Planet Tuna… OMG…!!!! The BEST Tuna I have ever had…!!! Incredible flavor.!!! The texture is solid, like a Tuna steak so you know it’s the real deal. No other product compares. Going forward, this is the ONLY Tuna I will purchase. Great job Wild Planet people.!!!

  • Cindy Weers

    This will be the absolute best testamony you will ever get! Our 2 inside cats are very picky, we had a can of your tuna on the shelf, and decided to give them a treat. They went nuts!!!! So we thought we would just get another can of tuna, wasn’t Wild Planet, they wouldn’t touch it! They will only eat Wild Planet tuna! And they are not beggers, but every morning they are all over us to get their tuna, then life is good. They never beg for anything, but their morning Wild Planet tuna!

  • Marianna D

    Love this tuna. I am glad I can eat this while pregnant because it’s low in mercury. I buy it from Costco. So glad I came across to this tuna there. Don’t buy any other canned tuna. Glad you guys are non GMO certified as well.

  • Betty Thompson

    This is the Best I have ever eaten. The first tuna I bought was from Cosco. It was a gift from a friend. I do not have Cisco in my town. Found this site on Amazon Yea!

  • Monty Montgomery

    I concur with the other reviews, the WP Albacore tuna is superior to any other canned/bottled tuna available anywhere. I purchased some SafeCatch brand of Ahi tuna (canned) yesterday at Costco and had it today for lunch with my normal olive oil and sea salt on top. I will say it was good, but I will also say that Wild Planet’s Albacore tuna is without question superior. I also read WP’s letter about Mercury or methylmercury content and I believe their statements are accurate and that SafePlanet’s statements could possibly be misleading especially with no third party endorsements of their mercury testing claims.

  • Joseph Rothman

    I am a HUGE tuna lover and have been eating a can of tuna per day for a long time. My life changed with Wild Planet tuna purchased at Costco. Remember when HDTV first came out? Once you saw HD programming you could never go back. The same is true here. Once you have Wild Planet tuna you literally can’t go back to the national brands. I ran out of Wild Planet tuna a few days ago (stocked up today) and had to open a can of tuna I was used to eating for years…my god…the smell and texture of the national brand tuna was gross. I can’t stress enough how amazing this tuna is even compared to Kirkland tuna. If you are a tuna lover, or just an occasional user…then buy this product because you will be very satisfied. I am going to go eat some tuna!!!

  • Bob S in southern california

    I grew up eating little fish, mainly just the occasional tuna fish sandwich. I liked starkist tuna the best….until I had wild planet. Wild planet albacore is hands down the best canned fish I have ever had….by a mile. Excellent work Mr. Carvalho. Your company makes a fantastic product. Folks, if you have a costco membership, you can get the fish there, or at regular markets like Vons (but I think it’s cheapest at costco). Remember not to drain any water in the tuna can. It’s nice, moist, and delicious as is. I hope this company stays around for a very, very long time. I’m now addicted.

  • Jannie Baughman

    This is the only tuna that I will buy! Like that it is Gluten Free and 100% pole and line caught. It makes the best tuna salad.

  • Rob Briggs

    Wild Planet has the best tuna available anywhere. What’s even better, it’s nearly $1 per can cheaper at my local market (HEB) than by direct order.

  • Richard Aguilar

    Best tasting tuna in the world. I was at Costco indulging on the sample food stations and came across this little wonder. This tuna tastes so good you can literally eat it straight out of the can. Great product and I’m a costumer for life. Keep it up Wild Planet

  • g

    My favorite tuna. I eat it mixed with Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tumeric, and pepper. Simple, super satisfying, and healthy! This is the best tuna!

  • Adriana

    Best TUNA period. Taste, smell, texture, once cooked in its own juices. Delicious.

  • Todd H.

    About two years back at Costco, I decided to splurge a bit and go with this tuna. I know albacore is typically more expensive than chunk light, but something about reading the can made it seem worth it. It certainly was! I’ve never gone back to ordinary tuna and never will. Even when I can’t make it to Costco, I’ll pay premium price at local supermarkets for this tuna. I’ve even gotten coworkers hooked on it. Be it straight from the can with a little fresh pepper and rice crackers, nicely spruced up for a sandwich or over salad, this is simply the best tuna there is!

  • Lisa

    I used to buy this at Costco but they stopped carrying it. I tried the Costco replacement brand but hated it. Thankfully, I found it online and am enjoying my go-to WFM lunch again 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Found this at Walmart and I love it. Put some organic mayo in it and ate it in a bowl. It doesnt have that awful aftertaste that the other brands have. Very satisified with this.

  • Ivana

    This tuna is amazing! I was looking for healthy wild caught tuna to lower the risk of mercury and am so glad that I found your website online. The taste is so much better then any other conventional canned tuna that I’ve tried. I strongly recommend this to anyone!

  • Randy Esposito

    I’m on a low sodium/low sugar diet and just discovered your tuna yesterday at ShopRite. I was amazed that it didn’t have a strong odor like others I’ve had. I like that it has lower mercury and no added sodium.
    Love that it is nonGMO and isn’t caught in nets. My new favorite tuna. I’ll be buying this from now on.

  • Ann Whelan

  • Allison

    Found this @ costco. I love the product. I was very happy to find a sustainable option. I love tuna’s high protein but most canned tuna is gross, and looks, smells, and tastes like wet cat food. Not this brand! I hope Costco continues to keep it!

  • David Y

    I came across your tuna at our local Costco and have to say it is the best tuna ever!. Unfortunately Costco does not carry it anymore. Highly disappointed. Wild Planet you are the BEST!

  • Jorge S

    Seriously the chicken of the sea! This is the best canned tuna I’ve ever had in my life.

  • Kristin Harris

    FINALLY! I have found a tuna fish that my family can eat, do to medical reasons. Just wanted to say thank you. Cost more here, but well worth it.

  • Kristin Schmutz


  • Shana

    I HATE TUNA.The scent. The taste…. YUCK (I used to throw away my sisters cans of tuna when we lived together, so I wouldn’t be subjected to the smell)

    I was given a sample of WPs WILD ALBACORE TUNA… WOW. I Couldn’t believe all they added was some EVOO, salt & pepper. (& a tiny bit at that!) Took another sample because it was unreal to me that I enjoyed it that much… That’s when I realized, my life had just begun. THE POSSIBILITIES this little BPA free can, delicious, GMO FREE sustainability caught product is presenting to me is UNREAL. I’m eating it in a salad as I type this & can go on forever about how much I love thou. WP please never leave us. I couldn’t imagine life without you.

    Yours truly,



    This is the best tuna ever packed in a can! Tried some a couple years ago at a running expo and then couldn’t find it in stores. Disappointing…then an email arrives about the “value vault” and for the price of ordinary tuna you get this marvelous product. Clean, non fishy tasting, fresh and delicious. Bought one case and the next week checked back in to stock up on more as it is still hard to locate near us. Plus the normal sized can hold a lot more tuna and much less water than ordinary store brands. Everyone should try it at least once and see if you don’t agree! It can be found at some walmarts, too.

  • Sue DH

    This product is fantastic. Best tuna product available (i’ve tried many) – and a staple of our family’s diet.

  • Nicole Smith

    Great taste, great quality! I’ve never been a huge tuna fan because of the fishy kind of taste, so I normally throw some mayo on it. BUTTTT I ate this tuna straight out of the packet. In other tuna brands I would always find a few scales mixed in with the meat , but I have yet to find any in Wild Planets. I’m super excited that Walmart is carrying it now! I will be buying it by the cases!!! Eating healthier has never been easier!
    Thanks Wild Planet!

  • Leah

    This is the best tasting tuna I’ve ever had! I stopped eating tuna for a while until I found this brand, that practices sustainable and safe fishing methods. My only concern is that this tuna is placed into the “organic/naturals” section of most grocery stores. I think it should be placed in the “Tuna” section, or at perhaps in both areas. I couldn’t find it for the longest time because I was looking in the tuna section, but I refused to buy any of that other crappy tuna! I finally found it in the organics/natural.

  • Elizabeth Guelker

    I have been wanting to try WP for sometime know and never did because our Kroger store did not carry and I really don’t like going to muliple grocery stores. Well, today at my Kroger WHAT DID I FIND! WP!!! so excited just came home had a sandwich and it was the best ever! Worth every penny!!!

  • Triss

    I have never eaten canned tuna but I am 7 months pregnant and trying to eat more DHA omega-3. This was absolutely fantastic! It is a couple dollars extra per can and worth every penny! The taste is fresh and it is great plain or on a whole wheat wrap with diced avocado, chopped celery, sliced apple, and dill! Will definitely become a pantry staple in our house!

  • Vera

    WOW WOW WOW – I just tried this tuna for the first time, and I will never eat any other canned tuna again. This tuna is so flavorful. Also comes in a non BPA can. I can’t wait to try some of your other products.

  • Aris

    I had neurological and other brain fog related symptoms. when I eliminated fast food, junk food, soda, etc, I felt better as some symptoms lessened but when I started eating Wild Planet Tuna, and the other WP fish, I noticed improvements in cognitive function, memory, better posture, and better overall feeling within. The symptoms lessened even more and I am a more happier person. I think the natural DHA and EPA in WP products really did wonders for me. It definitely is higher quality compared to other brand-name canned goods. I hope Wild Planet continues to keep their quality high because I will never stop buying. The nutrients are here and that is what is important.

  • Michael

    The absolute best tuna ever placed in a can! No matter how you use it this will make the best tuna dish or sandwich you’ve ever had.

  • Showbiz Liz

    Finally found the best tuna! Yummmmy!

  • Gilberto Perez

    great ! worth the money.

  • Kevin

    Sorry Charlie indeed! Hands down the best canned tuna available in the US and well worth the price. Tastes fantastic straight from the tin. Just mixed a can of albacore with a bit of minced white onion, 1/2 avocado diced, maybe 1/2 tsp of sour cream and equal bit of mayo, a swirl of EVOO and fresh cracked pepper. With dill crackers. Delicious. Thanks WildPlanet!

  • Rachel

    This is the best tuna EVER! I used to eat tuna but after a bad food experience as a child, I had been terrified to try it again. Most times, the smell of canned tuna triggers my gag reflex. I read about Wild Planet Tuna and it is so delicious! I was concerned about the price as it’s higher than regular brands but it is worth every penny. Thank you for giving me a new item to bring for my packed lunches. 🙂

  • CB

    I would like to tell you guys how thankful i am! 1. This IS the best canned tuna EVER!!! 2. Finally i eat tuna again, i stopped because i felt ashamed to eat tuna. The mass seafood production is destructing our oceans and i didn’t want to be part of it. Until i found your guys’ cans on the shelf of my store. Thanks for our oceans, thanks also to give a job to our fisherman! and finally thank you very much for me, because i can enjoy tuna again.

  • SH

    Better than the name brands, that’s for sure. I hate taking gigantic Omega 3 capsules, so I try to eat more WP tuna, plus I empty a capsule or two into my tuna salad.

  • Synthia

    This Tuna is absolutely great. The taste is like no other Tuna in a can. I really could not believe how great it tasted. Wild Planet take president over other can tuna. It pricey but the freshness and quality it worth the price in my opinion. Way go Wild Planet. ***** Stars 😉

  • Kevin D.

    I’ve never been big on tuna, so when I finally decided to start eating healthy, I looked for a good source and came across Wild Planet.

    Easily the best quality and taste I’ve ever had and this brand has really got me into eating healthy! Wild Planet’s conservation efforts only make me more confident in purchasing and talking up its products.

    Keep it up and thank you for providing an excellent product that is well worth the price!!

  • Faithy

    I love the tuna but why do they process it in Vietnam?

    • Wild Planet

      Faithy, thank you for being a fan of our tuna! To answer your question, please visit our FAQS page. You will be able to review the answer to this in addition to several other frequently asked questions that may be of interest.

  • Lindie

    This tuna is amazing!! It is loaded with protien and it tastes so fresh. It is better than any other canned tuna that I have had. I have told so many people about it. It is worth every penny, I promise!!

  • Whitney

    Once Costco started carrying it, we tried it. It is absolutely the best tuna ever. I was in a jam once and had to quick buy a can of my previous favorite brand, what a difference. Wild Planet is the only canned tuna to eat!

  • Vanessa

    I just tried your tuna for the first time this past week, and all I can say is, “Well done!” The quality is incomparable! The taste is sheer perfection! You have a customer for life!

  • Aidan

    I love this tuna. It has a great flavor from all the health fat in it! So different from any other canned tuna I’ve tried-in a good way. It’s worth the price.

  • Mike K. (verified owner)

    T H E B E S T T U N A E V E R ! ! !
    I won’t buy anything else. Wild Planet – keep up the good work!

  • LR

    This tuna is the best tasting canned tuna I have ever had. Very high quality! Also impressed by the BPA free can lining- exactly what I was looking for! So happy this product is sold at Costco at a good value price too 🙂

  • Michele K

    This is the absolute best tasting Albacore Tuna ever! So good to be able to trust a company whose practices keep their fish products lowest in mercury, in a no BPA can, yet so high in Omega 3’s! Good nutrition, esp during pregnancy! Worth the $.

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