Wild Sardines
In Water – 4.4oz


Single-species caught in an abundant, well-managed fishery off the coast of Japan, these firm and meaty sardines are delicious!



A tasty nutritional powerhouse with 18g Protein, 15% Daily Value of Calcium, and an average of 1,800mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per 3oz serving.

An important source of essential nutrients — Omega 3, protein, Vitamin D, calcium, potassium and iron — each tasty little fish is scale-free and delectable on a sandwich or as a salad topper. Try Wild Sardines in our Mediterranean Seafood Antipasto Platter or Sardine Power Lunch!

Wild Planet offers five traditional sardine varieties: in Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in Water; in Water with No Salt Added; in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon; and in Marinara Sauce.

NGP Verification Seal





• Available in a 4.4oz can (125g)
• OU Kosher Pareve
• Gluten Free
• Sourced in an abundant and well managed Japanese fishery with quotas established to prevent depletion of biomass
• Ingredients: Sardines (Sardinops sagax or Sardinops melanostictus), water, sea salt.

  • Jason from Long Island

    The best sardines by far. I’ve done head to head taste tests with 3 other brands and it’s not close. (I get the ones in water) - have at least one can with my eggs and toast every morning. With 1700mgs, it’s my new omega 3 supplement!
  • Rick Delaney

    The best sardines I’ve ever had. Slightly strong but that’s what I like. I ate them with a little Tabasco.
  • Anna Brazzell

    So I buy the one with no salt added and eat it with my cat if my pet loves them I love them this is the best brand I’ve ever tasted. Me and my fur baby loves it so much that I need to buy in bulk now. Great quality ... and texture and the fish are fresh and wild caught. I’m loving it I wish I could get coupons for this product because I’m buying all the stock up at the stores .

  • Josh Marceau

    I am so thankful for this high quality, sustainable, natural, and affordable protein source. Not to mention that they are delicious and incredibly convenient. I am living on limited income while healing my body and this food source is from heaven. I don't have the money to buy organic ... beef and poultry, so these guys are my primary animal protein. AND there is so much news coming out about the benefits of DHA for the brain, I'll take any help I can get!! I am thankful for the bounty of the sea, I pray I am not eating too much, and that the bounty will be here for millenia to come.

  • Carrie Cohan

    They are sustainably caught, delicious and healthy!
  • Mary

    A safe delicious fish that I love to eat. I am a picky shopper and Wild Planet meets my expectations. (Consistent quality, sustainably caught and nutritious!). Thank you!
  • Brenda Brown

    Really loving these on my Paleo diet. Yum. Have had 3 glorious tins so far. Definitely buying more!
  • tamer (verified owner)


    I have a young Boston terrier puppy. His breeder recommended feeding him 2 sardines a day for good health and growth. I was surprised how beautiful the fish were in the can, and plump too. A friend bought me a case of COTS and they were mangled ... sad looking messes. My puppy LOVES his sardines and I feel good about buying from a company which uses only sustainable fishing methods. I bought two cases! My little dog is all a quiver when I open a can!!

  • Laura

    I've thought I'd tried them all until I found these. I thought there was no way I was ever going to cultivate a taste for sardines until I tasted these. I love them.
  • johnny bocchetti

    A lifelong coastal dweller I've had every canned sardine in the world. Wild planet's products are the best yet...I prefer the spring water product..
  • Andrew

    yummy!!! Better to eat low on the food chain when it comes to seafood, too!
  • Cindy

    I have to agree, they are the best! In fact one day I fed some to my 2 cats as a treat, they loved them. So, another time I thought I'd treat them again and bought a cheaper brand of sardines. The cats turned up their noses and walked away ... not eating them. I guess they know a good thing too!

  • Trina

    Only sardine that I will buy! Love the fact that they are sustainably caught. Wonderful flavor consistently!
  • Edward (verified owner)

    When buying sardines, it can be a coin toss except for Wild Planet sardines. They are the best!
  • Andrew

    Nutrition power house for sure! So glad they are BPA free and sustainably caught too! I thing that befuddles me is how it can be 4.375 oz NET WT but contain 5 oz (2.5 servings of 2 oz). I have a feeling there is really only 4 oz in each can.
    • Wild Planet

      Andrew, thank you so much for the comment. Our sardine cans are 4.375 oz or 125 grams which is slightly over 2.5 servings and management chose 2.5 servings rather than “slightly over 2 servings”, 2.23, or whole can content. This will change on our future labels. The nutrition labels are ... always based on a serving size, for sardines the nutrition labels are based on a 2 oz or 56 gram serving of whole can content (meat and liquid/sauce).

  • Lynne K Kypuros (verified owner)

  • bruce

    AWESOME. These sardines are so delicious. I'm hooked. Thanks Wild Planet. You have a lifelong customer.
  • Denise

    I forgot to mention in my previous review these are very meaty and tender. I also love the fact they still have the bones in them. These are definitely a staple in my home. My diet is limited so when I go off, I always try to take a ... can with me. I try to eat these everyday. Excellent product! Thank you!

  • Denise

    I love these sardines! I could never go back to any other can sardine and I love the fact they are BPA free. Delicious!
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