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Tuna & Hummus Pinwheels

Tuna & Hummus Pinwheels

Makes 2 servings


1 (5oz) can Skipjack Wild Tuna or Albacore Wild Tuna, undrained
3 Tbsp hummus
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 medium flour tortilla
1/2 cup shredded carrot
1/2 cucumber, cut into sticks
Lettuce leaves


Place tuna and natural juices from the can into a bowl. Flake with a fork and incorporate natural juices back into the tuna. Stir in hummus and lemon juice. Place tortilla on a work surface and spread tuna hummus mixture evenly over the tortilla. Top tuna with shredded carrot, cucumber and lettuce. Roll up tortilla and slice into pinwheels.



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