Biokleen is Making Waves in Sustaining Our Planet

We're inspired by companies like Biokleen, making waves in the cleaning products industry, not only by creating non-toxic cleaning products but working to spread awareness on sustaining our planet. Today on the blog, we interviewed Barry Firth, the Managing Director of Biokleen, to give you more insight on their story, their motivation and how we can all contribute to better loving our planet.
1. Tell us a bit about Biokleen. In 1989, company founder Jim Rimer was working for a commercial cleaning products company and he was disturbed to see first-hand the effects conventional cleaning products were having on the health of the people who were using the products. Asthma, skin issues and even cancer diagnoses were common among the housekeepers, janitors and carpet cleaners that used these toxic products. He then asked his bosses if they could find safe alternatives. They refused. And so, Biokleen was born. Jim committed himself to learning about plant and mineral technologies that could clean as well as toxic products without doing any harm to people. With a drum and an oar in his garage, Jim worked tirelessly to develop some of Biokleen’s first products. As the next generation of the family runs the business, Biokleen still makes the world’s most effective plant- and mineral-based cleaning products using the same three core criteria: 1) Is it plant- and mineral-based? 2) Is it safe for families and the environment? 3) Does it work?
2. What is Biokleen’s mission?
At Biokleen, our guiding commitment is to people, pets and our planet by harnessing the power of nature to produce plant and mineral based cleaners that work. Or, as we like to say, “Clean for Good.” This promise drives everything we do, from our products to our manufacturing principals to our impact on the community and the world-at-large.
3. How is Biokleen working to create a healthier planet?
We are being the change we want to see in the world by offsetting all energy and water used in the manufacturing process via wind credits and water restoration projects. Additionally, many of the products we make are highly concentrated which goes hand in glove with our less is more philosophy. This results in lower emissions necessary for shipping and delivering a considerable value for our consumers. On top of our work nationwide with community-based pet rescues and environmental advocacy groups, in 2017 we embarked on an aggressive reforestation campaign planting 12,000 trees, and we will likely double that in 2018. Overall, we have set a goal of planting 60,000 trees per year by 2020.
4. Why is it important for consumers to adopt sustainable living practices?
Many of our consumers are parents of kids young and old. They’re questioning and concerned about the world they will be leaving for the generations to come. And, as a brand that’s been committed to sustainable practices for nearly 30 years, we're encouraged that more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact of their own choices. By examining their values and voting with their dollars, consumers now know they can help effect positive change in the world.
5. What advice do you have for individuals who are looking to make a lifestyle change? Where should they begin?
We all know change can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Making small changes, like supporting and switching to brands who are already making a difference with sustainable practices is a great place to start. With your commitment to brands like Biokleen and Wild Planet Foods, you're making a change in the way you clean and eat and making an impact on our planet!
— How are you contributing to sustain and protect our planet? Leave a comment with your own tips and tricks below!
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