Wild Sardines In Water No Salt Added – 4.4oz


Single-species caught in an abundant, well-managed fishery off the coast of Japan, these firm and meaty sardines are delicious!



A tasty nutritional powerhouse with 18g Protein, 15% Daily Value of Calcium, and an average of 1,800mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per 3oz serving.

An important source of essential nutrients — Omega 3, protein, Vitamin D, calcium, potassium and iron — each tasty little fish is scale-free and delectable on a sandwich or as a salad topper. Try Wild Sardines in our Mediterranean Seafood Antipasto Platter or Sardine Power Lunch!

Wild Planet offers four traditional sardine varieties: in Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in Water; in Water with No Salt Added; and in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon.

NGP Verification Seal


• Available in a 4.4oz can (125g)
• OU Kosher Pareve
• Gluten Free
• Sourced in an abundant and well managed Japanese fishery with quotas established to prevent depletion of biomass
• Ingredients: Sardines (Sardinops sagax or Sardinops melanostictus), water.

  • James Lewis

    Outstanding! These are real sardines.
  • Jessica (verified owner)

    Amazing quality. This is the only brand of sardines I will purchase!
  • ally

    I started feeding my dog sardines after 18 months of trying to find a dog food that didn't cause him to break out in rashes. Wild Planet sardines are his absolute favorite and I love the fact that there's only 70mg of sodium in the Sardines in Water variety.
  • Loretta

    These are the only sardines I can eat. My dog agrees. He is very fussy.
  • Peggy Karp

    Wild Planet sardines--the water pack no salt variety--have become a staple in my diet. Nutritionally they are outstanding for their high quality protein, Omega 3, calcium and vitamin D content. My favorite preparation is to mix a can with cucumber, raw onion, shredded lettuce, cilantro, basil, lemon juice (lots), olive ... oil, mustard, turmeric, and freshly ground pepper. They taste very fresh and delicious. I am also very impressed with Wild Planet's environmental awareness and integrity. This is a small company really trying to make a difference. Last but not least, their customer service is great.

  • alex

    i love your sardines! the ones in tomato sauce are my favorite. i make a very easy dip/spread using the sardines and cream cheese. just mash everything together and eat it with a cracker.
  • Brent Blevins

    I tried these due to the lower sodium content and I support Wild Planet in their sustainable practices. The sardines tasted much fresher than mass produced store brands and seemed firmer and fresher. I will say that a bit of hot sauce or a good spicy salsa will ... give them an added punch of flavor.

  • Douglas James Meyer

    Being mostly a Paleo or Whole Foods eater, I begin muscle building in the gym and was looking for an alternative to protein powders. After much research, I found sardines to be a powerhouse food for post workouts. I began trying multiple brands of sardines, but required that ... they be high in protein, have no major additives, and included the bone, as this adds calcium to my diet. Wild Planet sardines has the highest concentration of protein, and the least amount of additives. With regard to taste, Wild Planet sardines are far better in my opinion than any others I tried. I highly recommend Wild Planet sardines not only for taste, but also for their endeavors in sustainability and earth friendly harvesting.

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