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Wild Sockeye Salmon – 6oz

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Our skinless and boneless sockeye salmon fillets are hand-cut and canned fresh upon catch (rather than being frozen before canning) with a touch of sea salt.

Kosher Gluten-free
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Our skinless and boneless sockeye salmon fillets are hand-cut and canned with a touch of sea salt. They are cooked just once to retain their natural juices and nutritional potency. Deep red in color and full of flavor, our sockeye delivers exceptional taste and texture. Each 3oz serving has 17g of protein, 90% daily value of Vitamin D and an average of 709mg EPA and DHA Omega‑3s.

Ingredients: Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) and sea salt
Fishing method: Single-species drift and set net. FADs* are never used.
Harvest Location: Northeast Pacific Ocean, working with small-scale fishing families in Alaska and British Columbia

*Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are man-made objects that attract fish often outside of the targeted species causing unintentional bycatch

Nutrition Facts

Servings2Serving Size3oz (85g)
Calories100Total Fat3.5g (4% DV)
Saturated Fat1g (5% DV)Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol35mg (12% DV)Sodium220mg (10% DV)
Total Carbohydrates0g (0% DV)Fiber0g (0% DV)
Total Sugars0g (incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV)Protein17g (34% DV)
Vitamin D90% DVCalcium0% DV
Iron4% DVPotassium7% DV

% DV = % Daily Value

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27 ratings

  • Betty

    The best! Try it garnished with Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese dressing (in the refrigerator aisle of grocery store produce areas).

  • Paul Kelly

    This salmon is rated #1 for canned salmon. I ordered 12 cans a week ago and have 9 left. I agree its the best I have eaten.

  • Todd

    I love the sardines and tuna in water ONLY, no salt added. I am looking for canned salmon in water ONLY, no salt added. Do you think this will ever be available?

    • Customer Service (verified owner)

      Good news! Wild Planet Foods makes Sockeye Salmon No Salt Added Wild Sockeye Salmon No Salt Added – 6oz
      Remember not to drain your once cooked Wild Planet Salmon, no water is added to the can and all those delicious juices carry lots of nutrients and omega-3s.

  • Lidia

    I loved the wild planet salmon in yogurt. I was wondering? Does it go from Alaska to California only? Who actually does the rocessing? Than you

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for the review Lidia. Our salmon is processed in Naknek, Ketchikan and Cordova Alaska.

  • Jim Maldi

    We are dedicated Wild Planet users. With respect to bone and skin vs skinless/boneless. I can eat it either way but my wife will only eat the boneless/skinless. Please continue to offer skinless/boneless or both.

  • Pat

    The skin and bones are important nutrients
    Why not an option at least?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for your suggestion! We are always excited to hear what our customers would like to see us produce. If you have any other ideas, please let us know.

  • Nancy

    Thank you, Kristin Langone, for your review. You moved me from maybe to definitely buying.

  • Donna Munro

    It is very tasty. I’d prefer bones and skin, though. I need the nutrients. I also like the easy-open can.

  • Tracy Sullivan

    Love it!! Taste is great and all the vitamin D that I need!
    No bones No Skin equals a happy girl

  • Kristin Langone

    I drove 2 hours this week to get the Wild Planet sockeye salmon that I have heard so much about. It was definately worth the drive. Absolutely fantastic! I had it for dinner last night and tonight. I am going to order straight from Wild Planet next time. It is so nice to find a company that cares about the environment, does not cut corners and does not use chemicals.

  • Mildred

    Best salmon ever, no skin or bones. Bought mine at Ollie’s

  • McGovern Diane

    Excellent, healthy, best of all sources of salmon !

  • Lin

    I care a lot about ocean sustainability and their sustainable harvest policy is my selling point. But I agree with everyone else here that the quality of the product is superb. And the fact that they offer no-salt versions puts Wild Planet over the top for me.

  • Todd

    Hands down, the best tasting salmon I found in a can. However, the biggest reason why I purchase Wild Planet salmon is because of the way it is processed and packed. They don’t cook a whole bunch of salmon with salty water, drain the water and then put the salmon in the can like many others do. They put the salmon in the can and cook it in the can, so you get every bit of the nutritious value of salmon in every can, not a watered-down nutritionally deficit product like you’ll find with other brands.

    I think their method of Packaging and cooking deserves a lot more praise and attention. I’m not sure most people even read about this process.

    It was this process, combined with their fishing methods, that made me choose this product in the first place.

  • Joe

    This is the best Salmon I have ever had, and the can liner is BPA free.

  • Kellye Mccormick

    This is hands done the best Salmon I’ve ever had! Very fresh, tender, and flavorful! You literally can eat straight out of the can!

  • Scott Beaudry

    Very nice canned salmon – All Wild Planet products I have tried have been very good. I regularly eat the sardines. I do wish they had a skin on, bone-in variety of the salmon though. That would put it over the top for me.

  • June King

    Best canned salmon I have ever bought just a shame I have to order online if I want it as much more expensive just wished I could find it in Australia

  • Heather

    Perfect and much safer and better than the “farm raised” in the market no matter how “fresh” it claims to be.

  • Heather

    The best ! I just scored ten cans at 1.99 a piece at Price Chopper ! I was polite, and left two can for someone else. They were in the “bargain bin”.

  • Julie P (verified owner)

    My parents and I have always lived in the southern states, but the rest of our family is in Canada. We always brought as many cans as possible back when visiting, which was rare. I love Wild Planet’s sockeye salmon! Very, very little, if any, dark meat. Absolutely fresh tasting. Wonderful quality! I’ve just ordered 12 6oz cans, instead of the original 6 6oz., because we loved it so much. So glad this resource is available. Thanks, Wild Planet!! Julie C., now in north Alabama.

  • Heidi (verified owner)

    I grew up in Alaska, eating smoked and canned salmon. As a result of being so spoiled as a kid, I’m super picky when it comes to finding canned salmon that stacks up against my grandfather and father’s recipes. I’m thrilled to report that this does it! Brings me right back home every time I open a can. No waste, very full cans (enough so that one can and I’m just about filled), delicious juices, and tender flaky salmon.

  • Gilberto Perez

    Great taste and good quality !

  • Gilberto Perez

    Best salmon in a can .

  • Alexander MacDonald

    I had to go in the shed and dig the empty can of salmon out of a garbage bag filled to the top with rotten food so I could see who made the most delicious salmon I ever ate out a of can! Thank God I found it! Would give it 10 stars of they allowed it.

  • Delaine (verified owner)

    This is the best freshest tasting wild salmon in a can that I have ever had! The flavor is so good that I don’t need to season it and I enjoy all on its own.

  • Pam Bolton (verified owner)

    the absolute BEST salmon! No bones, no skin, solid chunk of salmon, and fills the entire can. There’s no waste whatsoever (unlike some of the other brands in the grocery store). My mom said WP’s salmon is the same excellent quality that her father brought home to the family in the 1930’s. HIGHLY recommend!!!!

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