Wild Planet tinned fish charcuterie

Which sustainably sourced tinned fish will make it to your holiday table this year?

Get ready to have some festive fun preparing your version of the Feast of the Seven Fishes this holiday. An Italian-American tradition celebrated on December 24th, this feast highlights dining on a large meal containing seven courses of delicious seafood.

However, you don’t need to be Italian to enjoy the tradition, so we decided to put together seven of our favorite recipes which we hope might get you into the spirit!

Wild Planet tinned fish charcuterie
As you read on, you can also feel good knowing that each recipe features Wild Planet canned seafood, caught using 100% sustainable fishing methods. Protein-packed and nutrient-dense with EPA and DHA Omega-3s, you can delight your tastebuds with tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, yellowtail and anchovies within each flavorful course.

1) The Appetizer Course

Tinned Fish Board

With so many wonderful seafood options, who says you need to choose just one to showcase within your appetizer course? Start your feast with this beautiful charcuterie of tinned fish, giving your guests a scrumptious sampling of skipjack tuna, sardines, canned salmon, mackerel, yellowtail, and anchovies – a little taste of what’s to come throughout the night.

Wild Planet Tinned Fish charcuterie

2) The Soup Course

Mackerel Fish Stew

Coconut milk and mackerel make the perfect base for this tasty soup complemented by an aromatic blend of spices.

Wild Planet Mackerel Fish Stew

3) The Salad Course

Sockeye Salmon Dijonnaise With Crunchy Slaw

Enjoy this crisp, refreshing salad of Brussels sprouts, apples, and dried cranberries (a great way to use up any leftovers from holiday meals past). Top with a mouth-watering mix of salmon and Dijonnaise, then wait for the compliments to pour in.

Wild Planet Sockeye Salmon Dijonnaise With Crunchy Slaw

4) The Pasta Course

Sicilian Fennel & Sardine Pasta

Recently featured in Amazon Lifestyle, this adaptation of a classic Italian pasta dish will not disappoint. With ingredients including fennel, white wine, raisins, pine nuts and meaty sardines, each bite will be packed with delight.

Wild Planet Sicilian Fennel & Sardine Pasta

5) The Main Course

Southwest Chipotle Tuna Burgers

Be ready to wow everyone with this elevated take on a burger, made with chipotle peppers and flavorful skipjack tuna served on brioche buns. Feel free to consider making this delectable recipe into sliders, allowing you and your guests to make a little bit of room before the remaining two courses.

Wild Planet Southwest Chipotle Tuna Burgers

6) The Side Course

Anchovy And Egg Chimichurri Potato Salad

Since we’re already switching up our main course with a mouth-watering tuna burger, why not reimagine a classic potato salad as well? Bright chimichurri offers a unique flavor to this tasty mix of potatoes, eggs and anchovies.

Wild Planet Anchovy And Egg Chimichurri Potato Salad

7) The Dessert Course

Ok, you have us here. We were initially stumped as to what could be offered in a seafood-inspired dessert course – that was until we received this amazing recipe from one of our fans.

Tuna, Brie & Apple Crostini

Any type of cheese can be served as a dessert course, with or without a dessert wine. What better way to keep the feast on track than with this colorful brie crostini topped with tuna, honey, apples and pomegranate seeds? Festively sweet, salty and with just a touch of spice, this is the perfect way to wrap up your holiday meal.

Wild Planett Tuna, Brie & Apple Crostini

From our Wild Planet family to you and yours, we hope you enjoy this holiday season with much happiness and in good health!

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