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Happy National Sardines Day — Our Salute to the Healthiest Food No One is Eating

Sardines — one of the healthiest foods that no one is eating. While they may have a reputation for smelling (and looking) too fishy, Wild Planet’s Wild Sardines offer a vastly different experience. Today, on National Sardines Day, we hope we can offer a whole new perspective about sardines. Want to change your life, and your health? Continue reading!

Why You Need to Eat Sardines

Despite what you may have heard, sardines can actually be a tasty, convenient and affordable treat. This underrated superfood is a nutritional powerhouse — it's high in protein, loaded with calcium, phosphorus and iron and an excellent source of Omega 3 and Coenzyme Q10. Plus, sardines are low in the food chain which makes them naturally low in mercury and one of the best choices you can make for sustainability considerations! Unlike other sardines on the market, which can be fishy and extremely salty, Wild Planet’s Wild Sardines are scale-free (for an easy eating experience) with a mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of recipes — and can even be enjoyed on their own. There are truly no other sardines like Wild Planet’s on the market! Our sardines are sustainably-sourced, Non-GMO Project certified and contain absolutely zero artificial ingredients or fillers. Depending on the variety, they also offer between 10 and 12 grams of protein and around 1,000 mg of Omega 3s per serving. Hate the fact that sardines look like fish? Try our Skinless & Boneless Fillets in Water. These Moroccan sardines are hand-filleted using fresh fish only, without skin or bones. Wild Planet offers a variety of seven different sardines:

  1. Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Sardines in Water; in Water with No Salt Added
  3. Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon
  4. Sardines in Marinara Sauce
  5. Skinless & Boneless Sardine Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  6. Skinless & Boneless Sardine Fillets in Water

How to Eat Sardines

Many may be open to trying sardines but simply don’t know how to enjoy them. We created our 50 Ways to Eat A Sardine for this very reason. Check them out here: Now that you're ready to give them a try, we've got three Sardine Tartine recipes that are quick & easy, beginner-friendly and versatile in taste. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts or experiences with sardines? Comment below and tell us your top reasons for avoiding sardines in the past and why you’re interested in trying Wild Planet Sardines for the chance to win a free product coupon! Good luck! Your friends at Wild Planet Foods

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