12 Recipes Inspired By Food Culture Using Tuna Salad Bowls

12 Recipes Inspired By Food Culture Using Tuna Salad Bowls

Our Ready-to-Eat Tuna Salad products are delicious and nutritious. With a quick stir, they’re actually perfect as-is to eat directly out of their bowls with no heating, refrigeration or preparation required. But, did you also know that you can use them as an ingredient within a recipe?

12 Recipes Inspired By Food Culture Using Tuna Salad Bowls
Wild Planet Tuna Salads are made with ingredients that have been selectively harvested from the sea and land. Using 100% sustainably pole & line caught skipjack tuna blended with organic vegetables, pasta and legumes, they are responsibly sourced and reflect the best that nature has to offer. With that, just think about how many ways you might be able to elevate a recipe by using one of these flavorful products as an ingredient.

Here are 12 globally inspired dishes from Asian, European, and Western food culture to spark your creativity.

12 Recipes Inspired By Food Culture Using Tuna Salad Bowls

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  1. Use Tuna, Bean & Corn Salad as a delicious addition to traditional Korean Tofu Soup (also called Soon Dubu Jjigae)
  2. Prepare a quick fried rice with minimal ingredients including Tuna, Bean & Corn Salad, onion, garlic, egg and hot sauce
  3. Serve crudités made with Tuna White Bean Salad topped with a mouth-watering pistachio pesto
  4. Enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired pita sandwich made with cool cucumbers, radishes, Tuna Quinoa Salad, herb oil and tzatziki
  5. Include Tuna White Bean Salad, a little burrata cheese and a sprinkling of pistachios to create the perfect pesto pasta salad
  6. Add zing to your Tuna Pasta Salad with a homemade gremolata using fresh lemon, parsley and chili flakes
  7. Whisk eggs and bake with Tuna White Bean Salad in muffin tins to create a delectable protein-packed breakfast bite
  8. Spread cream cheese on toasted mini bagels and top with Tuna, Bean & Corn Salad, avocado and seasoning
  9. Mix together Tuna, Bean & Corn Salad, cilantro, red onion, mayo and serve in crisp Romaine lettuce cups
  10. Make an exquisite, flavorful salad dish with pears, balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds and Tuna White Bean Salad
  11. Build a scrumptious tuna melt with tomato, basil, mozzarella, parmesan, scallions and pistachios on top of an oven-baked sweet potato
  12. Stuff bell peppers with Tuna Quinoa Salad, parsley, basil, provolone cheese and roast until warmed and bubbling

Asian inspired food cultures: Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian


European inspired food cultures: Greek, Spanish, French, Italian


    Western inspired food culture: American (a diverse mix formed from a melting pot of cuisines)


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