20 canned tuna recipes inspired by food culture

20 Canned Tuna Recipes Inspired By Food Culture

Food has become a source of identity for many people, as recipes, traditions, and other culinary customs are passed down from one generation to the next. To celebrate evolving cultures and encourage connection, at Wild Planet we’re always looking to develop and share globally inspired dishes using our 100% sustainably caught canned seafood products.

20 canned tuna recipes inspired by food culture

In this blog article, we’ve put together 20 canned tuna recipes inspired by Asian, European and Western food culture. We hope to trigger some culinary curiosity in your kitchen that is beyond typical.

20 Canned Tuna Recipes Inspired By Food Culture

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  1. Mix tuna with sriracha and place on cucumber slices
  2. Pack tuna into a rice ball and pan-sear
  3. Try tuna spring rolls made with crunchy vegetables and served with savory peanut sauce
  4. Create a Mediterranean-inspired tuna burger with tahini sauce
  5. Build a Vietnamese-style sandwich, known as a Bánh Mì, filled with tuna, pickled veggies and jalapeño
  6. Fill wonton wrappers with a tuna, ginger and cabbage mixture
  7. If you love sushi, try this casserole baked with tuna, shrimp, creamy kewpie mayo and spicy jalapeños
  8. For your next gathering, serve your guests crispy rice bites topped with sriracha, tuna, jalapeño and creamy avocado
  9. Include tuna on your tinned fish charcuterie board and pair with complementary flavors from olives, goat cheese and baguettes
  10. Make a tuna mousse with ricotta cheese and serve on crispy potato slices
  11. Entertain friends with sweet, salty and spicy crostinis prepared with tuna, brie, apple and hot honey
  12. Bake bell peppers stuffed with tuna, fresh cucumber, tomato, olives, greek yogurt, feta cheese and herbs
  13. Whip up a quick ceviche with tuna marinated in lime juice and serve on crispy tostada shells
  14. Load avocado halves with a fruity and spicy tuna mango salsa
  15. Enjoy huevos rancheros for breakfast with an added protein-packed kick using tuna chorizo
  16. Shake up a traditional Italian pasta puttanesca by adding tuna as a surprising and flavorful ingredient
  17. Prepare an easy cranberry tuna spread and serve with fresh apple slices
  18. Gently blend tuna and buffalo sauce as a filling within baked potatoes
  19. Offer a flavorful chipotle tuna burger at your next barbecue for added zing
  20. Transform your typical macaroni and cheese dish by mixing in taco seasoning, black beans and tuna

Asian inspired food cultures: Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian


European inspired food cultures: Greek, Spanish, French, Italian


Western inspired food culture: American (a diverse mix formed from a melting pot of cuisines)


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