Where are your products sourced?

  • Albacore Tuna: Pole and line fleets, as well as troll fleets, in the North Pacific working in the United States and Japan. We also source a smaller amount of albacore from troll vessels working in New Zealand.
  • Skipjack Tuna: Pole and line caught in Japan, Indonesia, or the Maldives by small-scale family fishing vessels.
  • Sardines: Sustainably sourced from well-managed Pacific fisheries in Japan and Atlantic fisheries in Morocco, our wild sardines are single-species caught using unassociated purse seine nets. The vessels sourcing these sardines do not employ the use of unsustainable Fish Aggregating Devices; conversely, they target free-swimming schools of sardines. Any incidental by-catch of other species, such as mackerel or anchovy, is fully retained and utilized. These fisheries are examples of excellent fishery management and as such, provide abundant stock for harvest. Wild Planet offers two varieties of sardines: traditional, which include nutrient-rich skin and bones; as well as skinless, boneless fillets.
  • Salmon: We offer pink and sockeye Salmon, both sourced in Alaska.
  • Anchovies: Primarily in the waters off the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
  • Yellowtail: Off the coast of Japan.
  • Mackerel: Off the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
  • Organic Roasted Chicken Breast: Virginia and West Virginia.